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    Since incorporation TNP has been principally involved in the development of active pharmaceutical ingredients, namely Paclitaxel and Homoharringtonine, predominantly for use in the treatment of cancer. Homoharringtonine is sold to manufacturers in China and Paclitaxel is distributed outside China through third party distributors. In 2004 TNP expanded its operations and began the manufacture of Traditional Chinese Medicines for sale in China
    Recently TNP signficantly developed its TCM business by concluding an agreement to produce Forsythia, an important raw material for several TCMs.
    We make high purity Paclitaxel and Homoharringtonin which, allied to our cost base, presents a compelling value proposition. The operational management team are all experts in their respective fields and the business has a supply chain that generates sufficient capacity to manage many years of growth
    The management team are focused on adding shareholders value by maximising the long term profitability of the business by exploiting its value proposition.


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